Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Party's Going to the Dogs!

This time last year, Scott and I knew we were going to lose our "Princess Autumn Bell" to a rare form of cancer: bile-ductular carcinoma, diagnosed in less than 2 percent of dogs. To this day I can't speak Autumn's name in a sentence without wanting to cry. Watching a beloved dog, a family member, wasting away and dying from cancer, knowing there's absolutely nothing you can do, is one of the worst experiences any dog parent can ever experience.

Three years ago I decided to get on board with Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign. I thought it would be a "fun" and "good" thing to do. Well, now I'm on a personal mission to help fund research to find a cure for canine cancer. There is nothing "fun" and "good" about cancer, in ourselves as humans, and in our pets.

One in four dogs will die from cancer, the No.1 killer in dogs over the age of 2. If you share your life with dogs, you WILL lose one dog, if not many more, from cancer. Ten years ago my dog Niki was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, so Autumn's death was not the first time canine cancer has touched my life.

My friend Kelly Smith is a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Kelly has a huge heart and began her Scentsy business in memory of her mother, Anne, who died suddenly last year from pancreatic cancer. I'm so proud to know Kelly and so excited that Kelly's generously offered to donate 40% of her commissions to help me raise funds for research to find a cure for canine cancer. So not only are you helping the dogs, you're helping to find a cure for pancreatic cancer!

Now through July 31st, purchase Scentsy candle products through our online Angels for Autumn party, and have a portion of the sales proceeds donated to Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign.

Please cross-post to all your dog-loving friends and family members and be an angel for all the dogs! Thank you all so much for your love and support! ♥

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Kelly said...

You know... bile duct. :( This gives me chills. Because of my Mom's pancreatic cancer, her bile duct quit working. Human? K-9? It DOESN'T matter. Cancer sucks and needs to be stopped in its' tracks! I raise my voice for pancreatic cancer and I will RAISE MY VOICE for K-9 cancer as well!